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Pretty in Pink: 12 Sophisticated Interiors in Shades of Salmon and Rose

pink design pink and white interior pink chairs
Pale pink is trending and some savvy decorators are treating it as a neutral (read more on Apartment Therapy). The result is a sense of soft, casual warmth, and a baseline color that begs for an eclectic design story to be told on top of it.

Here we’ve scoped out a few gorgeous uses of the hue, both as accent and foundational tone. While some are decidedly feminine, others strike a more gender-neutral tone that speaks to boldness and creativity.




geo art (1)


so light

 light mirror


tub casual

Ready to take the pink plunge? Here are some rug examples to set you on your way:

pink rug

A muted shade is easy, pleasant and versatile.


Or make a pink power play with a jewel-y hue.

moroccan rug

This vintage Moroccan piece skews red – would pair well with a saturated color story or make an interesting contrast to powder-pink walls.

swedish rug

We love the gorgeous pink-purple hues found in Swedish flat weave. This vintage rug is by Anna Greta Sjoqvist.

Explore our contemporary and vintage collections for even more images. And have a rosy day!


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