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Is wearing a rug hot or not? Sounds so so, doesn’t it? Well, you will be taken aback to find out it is hot literally and figuratively! Doris Leslie Blau wants you to discover the rug-inspired fashion.

Fashion doesn’t stand still – so don’t we! 9

Fashion doesn’t stand still – so don’t we!

New fashion for Fall 2016 has just been revealed during New York Fashion Week. It features trendy women’s looks and delivers a host of fresh ideas for designers. We found a lot of similarities between fashion and design of many of our rugs.  In the spirit of Valentine’s Day we wanted to show you some fashionable textiles we are particularly keen on.

Where fashion meets carpet

This year fashion industry boasts an array of patterns and colors that bring vivid connotations to the world of oriental rugs.

Alessandro Michele’s collection for Gucci is inspired by intense silhouettes straight from the era of Ottoman Empire. He adopted vividly colored textures and intriguing geometry. The collection is as remarkable as the design of our boldly patterned rugs. Here are our favorite picks:

What We’re Loving at New York Fashion Week


Isabelle Donola poses with models wearing her spring 2015 collection

Gilded Glory: India Couture Week 2014

model one

Sumptuous. That was the word of the week for India Couture Week, where some of the region’s most daring and inspiring designers unveiled their latest creations.

Sight Unseen OFFSITE Must Sees

The annual curation of experimental and cutting-edge design items, Sight Unseen OFFSITE is a beacon of young talent during New York Design Week. The collection is put together by Monica Khemsurov and Jill Singer who also run the eponymous design culture magazine

Textile Inspiration from the Met Gala

We’re still swooning over all the amazing design on display at last week’s Met Gala. This year’s theme was Charles James: Beyond Fashion, a tribute to the man widely regarded as America’s first high-fashion designer (and an inspiration to Christian Dior) whose work dealt with architectural elements and manipulating the human silhouette.

Gendering of Design

The good, the bad and the downright silly

You know the kind of décor I’m talking about. It pops up in my design feed all the time. If it’s a “masculine” room, there’s inevitably dark leather, maybe a rough textured floor and some dead animals (or faux dead animals) tacked to the walls. This is the manly-man room; you can imagine a gentleman with a full beard and a smoking jacket settling into it with his pipe.