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Get Inspired: Top11 Chic Concrete Interiors

Although mainly associated with construction sites, concrete makes an incredibly elegant addition to interior décor. You don’t believe us? Our 10 chic concrete interiors will make you give up all prejudices and doubts, if you even had any in the first place. It’s time for some concrete design!

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Top 10 Workspaces With A Personal Touch

Work is where we spend a considerable amount of our time – latest researches prove that on average it can take up to 12 years of our entire lifespan!

TOP 10 Most Stylish & Gender Neutral NURSERIES!

Pink for girls, blue for boys – that’s a complete holdover. Gender-neutral nurseries are the new craze of parents-to-be, and we must admit, they have their reasons.

Top 10 Most Stylish ‘Stardew’ Blue Kitchens

Stardew – even the name is irresistibly appealing, let alone the soothing and relaxing shade it stands for. Sherwin William’s August 2017 Color of the Month has taken the Internet by storm, and is definitely going to take over people’s interior designs for the next year (or more).

5 Ways to Get The Most Stylish Dining Nook

Who doesn’t like breakfast food? We sure do! The first and most important meal of the day deserves to be celebrated in the best possible ambience and we are here to help you design a breakfast nook of your dreams. So let your eggs sizzle on the frying pan while you keep reading 😉


United States relations with Cuba are easing for the first time in fifty years. Soon enough Americans will be flying back and forth from Miami heading to a Cuban Sandals resort, etc., etc. Before the (I hope not, but likely) total re-build of this iconic island, let’s take a glimpse at this moment of very specific interior design, a strangely harmonious hybrid of mid-century luxury, communist minimalism, and Carribean color-ways. These homes in Cuba have been documented by a limited number of photographers, including Michael Eastman and Werner Pawlok. Here we see ten rooms where natural degredation is painterly, sunlight is an architectural element, and tile floors are kaleidoscopic, and.. so much more.

14 Charming, Chic, Summery Interiors Tips from the Hamptons

Hopefully everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend.  Now that the summer vacation season is in full swing, we’ve compiled some cozy, cool, and surprising inspiration from America’s vacation home mecca.