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5 Ways To Capture English Countryside Coziness In Your Home

The myth of pastoral idyll has pervaded British culture since the 18th century. Now it’s time for it to permeate your house décor. The current popularity of Farmhouse proves more than anything that not only the English yearn for all the bucolic countryside represents. And it’s not like you have to actually live in the country to be able be achieve it! You feel aspects such as homeliness, closeness to nature and ultimate coziness speak to you? Therefore, follow our 5 ways to introduce them to your abode in a truly English style.

5 Simple Ways To Give Your Living Room A New Look Just Like That!

Everybody changes their image for the summer. The hotter it gets, the more people we observe in their ‘lighter’ attire. This shift, mostly imposed by the sweet caresses of the sun, is usually achieved with a minimum amount of effort. You only need to to leave behind the depressing memory of winter, along with all the coats and jumpers. We also want to give you a possibility of an easy change. Nonetheless, it is not you who is going to undergo a transformation – it’s your living room. Lay back and check out our 5 simple ways to introduce a summer vibe into your parlor. Just like that!

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Trend Alert: 5 Colors Everyone is Taking About Right Now

What would life be without colors? Dull, for starters. Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about that. The world is full of hues and our major problem is rather deciding which one we fancy at the moment. Yet again, there is no need to fret. Ranks of expert decorators, designers and tastemakers usually do it for us. And thank them for that! A well-matched shade can completely transform an interior, giving it a proper flair. Here we present 5 colors that have recently made the headlines. Now, it’s time for them to make your décor!

5 Investment-Worthy Decor Ideas To Make Your Apartment Eternally Fab

Year by year, month by month, even day by day – the fashion circle never stops rolling. Fads come and go, every season gives us “the hottest” this or that. If we bought all the suggested “must-haves” there probably would be no room left for us to live. However, there are things that resist this ever-changing frenzy. Things that, through their exceptional workmanship, uniqueness and beauty, acquire a timeless dimension. Let bygones be bygones and check our 5 decor ideas that are truly worthy of investment. Not for a moment but for life.

5 Ways to Make a Room With (Just) a Statement Rug

A statement rug – we keep hearing that a lot recently. Apparently, everybody is supposed to have at least one in the house, if not in a room. Not to boast, but as experts in this particular field we are totally for this idea! All satisfied owners of qualitative carpets (which is, let’s face it, literarily all) will agree with us and the latest trend. We’ve prepared 6 examples to demonstrate how a well-matched statement rug enriches the interior. If fact, it has the power to completely define it. Find out for yourselves!


Top 5 Today’s Interior Design Trends According to Pinterest

Various magazines, e-portals and experts constantly bombard us with news of what is currently trending in the design world. However, one social media is particularly accurate in its judgments. We are talking about Pinterest. Why? Well, the answer is pretty simple. A social network where you can pin your interest is the best indicator of what people ACTUALLY like. Scanning through this catalogue of ideas, we have selected 5 hottest interior design trends. Check them out if you’re ready to jazz up your house décor!

Must Have: 6 Best 2018 Trends to Introduce to Your Kitchen

If you were to point the heart of your home, which room would you pick? The kitchen, we bet! This place evokes a mysterious magnetic attraction that brings family and friends together and, next to cooking, makes you want to perform many other compelling activities there. Realizing this, we have gathered 6 best 2018 trends that will make your hearth even more special! Check them out and let yourself discover how good the food tastes and the conversation goes in a super-chic environment.

Trend Alert: Best Patio Rugs To Juice Up Your Summer Hangout

With the weather rapidly changing in everyone’s favor, now it’s the time to start thinking about re-organizing your outdoor hangout. Among many decorating tricks, one particularly stands out due to its simplicity and effectiveness – put a carpet there! No matter if it’s a balcony or a gazebo – every summer patio deserves a sheer joy of vibrant shades and patterns as well as comfort provided by pleasurable textures and soft fibers. We’ve selected several designs that will ideally match this year’s trends. Don’t linger and pick your favorite patio rug!

Top 5 Classy Décor Trends To Embrace This Spring

Every season, next to the change of atmospheric conditions, brings also a bunch of design shifts. We’ve scanned the Internet and other media, looked through many décor tips and design experts’ predictions in order to select 5 most elegant, fresh and consistent trends which are going to rule your place in Spring 2018. Waste no more time, beauty awaits to bloom!

5 Tips On How To Decorate With Pantone’ Ultra Violet’ 30

5 Tips On How To Decorate With Pantone’ Ultra Violet’

Profound, futuristic and somewhat rebellious, Ultra Violet of the Pantone Color Institute seems to be a shade tailored to 2018. “Ultra Violet is a color that’s almost like a neutral in fashion now,” says New York-based interior designer Brett Beldock. “Every newscaster you see is wearing a purple tie.” However, unlike in fashion, when it comes to home decorating, Ultra Violet may pose some challenges, especially for inexperienced enthusiasts of good design. Thankfully, we are here to give you 5 simple tips on how to tame the color of the year!

7 Interior Decor Trends For 2018 That Will Make You Go WOW (Part II) 43

7 Interior Decor Trends For 2018 That Will Make You Go WOW (Part II)

Although the end of December is fast approaching, there is still some time before we welcome the New Year and all that comes with it. Fortunately, because, to be honest, we are not quite yet finished with predicting the hottest trends of 2018. This time we dug a bit deeper to excavate yet another portion of fresh decorating ideas and décor tricks which will give you a head start on the next year’s refurnishing. Enjoy!

Ultra Violet: Top 10 Inspiring Rooms In Pantone Color of the 2018 11

Ultra Violet: Top 10 Inspiring Rooms In Pantone Color of the 2018

In the upcoming year Pantone intends to take us on a daring space adventure, both mystic and imaginative. By announcing Ultra Violet the color of 2018, the Institute introduces a bit of a positive and creative stir in the design world as the chosen shade is far from boring!