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Moving into Mad Men: 6 Decor Tricks to Introduce Mid-Century Modern Into Your Home 31

Moving into Mad Men: 6 Decor Tricks to Introduce Mid-Century Modern Into Your Home

Although it is hard to agree with Don Draper’s way of life and personal choices,  one can’t deny, the man’s got a style. Today we will infiltrate the stunning apartment of the protagonist of Mad Men series and extract 6 ways to achieve the fab mid-century modern look.

5 Ways to Jazz Up Your Interior with 'La La Land' Retro Charm 7

5 Ways to Jazz Up Your Interior with ‘La La Land’ Retro Charm

La La Land has won the hearts of critics and viewers alike with flying colors… figuratively and literally! We took a closer look at the dazzling hues and mesmerizing décor in the most vivacious production of the year and fell in love with the Hollywood-inspired glam. Hope you will too!

Black Sabbath In The White He(a)ven: 'The Osbournes' Hidden Hills Mansion 2

Black Sabbath In The White He(a)ven: ‘The Osbournes’ Hidden Hills Mansion

Long before everyone got to hear about Kim Kardashian’s massive… success, the world followed the trials and tribulations of the wacky Osbourne family with bated breath.

Moving into Royal Tenenbaums. A Key to Wes Anderon's Interior Decorating! 29

Moving into Royal Tenenbaums. A Key to Wes Anderon’s Interior Decorating!

With fairy-tale looking interiors, the director Wes Anderson introduces us to his magical world. And they play the main role here.

A (TV) series of fortunate interior designs – Part 2

If you take some time pondering over the target groups of most TV dramas you’ll probably come to a conclusion that apart from a considerable group of house- wives watching Desperate Housewives or young single adults watching Friends or a wide range of female pensioners sobbing their noses off into their silk handkerchiefs over a zillionth Ridge’s break-up or make-up with Brook, there is one significant always faithful group expressing their devotion to any particular TV series in the comments placed below any YouTube ‘next episode’ presentation by “can’t wait!!!!!!!!!” and “ah, soooooo cute!!!!!” squeals. Ladies and gentlemen, parents, grandparents, boy- and girlfriends, never, ever, under no circumstances try to part your beloved teens from their teen drama. It may end with a real‑life drama!

A (TV) series of fortunate interior designs – Part 1

There is nothing strange or new about drawing inspiration from TV series or soaps even, but this should be made clear: purchasing clothes identical or resembling those seen on TV shows characters is one thing but having your home redecorated in order to remind you of your favorite soap living room or kitchen… that’s a whole different story. If you don’t want it to turn out to be an American horror story and don’t feel like turning yourself into the walking dead in the process, stick with us through this article and there’s a chance you’ll come up with something bold and beautiful yourself.

North by Northwest: DLB Rugs in Luxe Magazine, Hitchcock-inspired home



This low, cantilevered modernist house with panoramic views of the Hudson Valley is owned by a true Hitchcock fan. So when he hired Jayne and Joan Michaels of 2Michaels, they set to work creating a home based on the look and feel of North by Northwest. The home (and our rugs!) were recently featured in Luxe Magazine.


“He’s memorized every scene in that film,” Jayne Michaels told us, explaining that her client was a lot of fun to work with: “He’d act some of them out for us.”

The house was designed by Edgar Tafel, perhaps the most well known of Frank Lloyd Wright’s apprentices. At the start of the project, Jayne and Joan called upon their friends who are 20th century antiques dealers and started collecting pieces that would lend a rustic-modernist vibe to the space.


“I think it’s really about pulling together elements that work harmoniously but look effortless. And we have a rather spare aesthetic, we don’t like clutter,” Jayne said.

They picked the four rugs featured in the home early on, knowing they wanted something warm, nubby and heavily textured to pair with all the strong architectural elements.


Brick Moroccan

The 20th-century Moroccan featured by the fireplace has an uncommon brick field and geometric triangle pattern, adding bold, dynamic warmth amidst heavy stone and wood.


This room is the zenith of cool modernism. The hanging art is by Madeline Weinrib, the coffee tables are from the owner’s own collection and our richly-piled Moroccan rug lends a creamy softness to the space.


The bedroom features a lovely Marianna Richter Swedish Flatweave Rug from 1940 in a soothing palette, perfect for imbuing a sense of calm and relaxation.

Jayne and Joan have been in business together for more than 14 years and each has more than two decades of experience in the field. You can learn more about their firm here.

Explore more beautiful modernist rugs in our vintage gallery.

For Love of Brooklyn: Get the GIRLS style

Girls Top

Now in their fourth season, everyone’s favorite directionless and love-tormented Brooklyn ladies returned to HBO on Sunday.

Hannah Horvath may be off to grad school in Iowa, but the show will forever be most strongly affiliated with Brooklyn.

The bohemian romanticism of New York-city apartments has attracted young people to the city for decades. Well before the dawn of Williamsburg hipsterism, Meghan Daum wrote about how oak floors covered with oriental rugs were the big-city aspirations of her youth. (Though, we’d have to disagree with her on one point: Carpet isn’t necessarily “Mungers” – certainly not when it’s custom designed by our creative team.)

In honor of the show’s return, we’ve put together a bit of Brooklyn design inspiration. Naturally, most of these lovely little apartments, studios and lofts showcase hardwood floors and vintage rugs. Take a peek:

Admire how this area rug echoes all the brick. 



A richly-textured living space with patterns galore.

yellow chair

This industrial loft is made elegant by its lavish area rug. The rug and the chandelier lend softness against all the exposed elements.


All vintage everything and a few hanging plants, plus a million-dollar view in this Williamsburg live-work studio.


Moroccan rugs always lend soft, simple charm. The gallery wall, reading collection and displayed spirits are the true hallmarks of big-city living.


A shot from the home studio of Brooklyn-based woodworker Amelie Mancini, the block-print pillows make a lovely match for the black-and-white flatweave.


Exposed fixtures and vibrant art, woven and hanging, are the classic trademarks of urban bohemia.


Sumptuous shag.

flat flat

Practically any interior, no matter how harsh the structure, can be made welcoming with well-placed and carefully-picked rugs.

If you have a New York apartment (or an apartment that’s New York in spirit!) that’s in need of some woven adornment, check out our vintage rugs and contemporary collection.

Grand Budapest, Enchanting World

What can Wes Anderson teach us about interior design?

The Grand Budapest Hotel - 64th Berlin Film Festival