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6 Creative Accent Wall Ideas To Make A Statement In Your Room

An artist who wants to paint a picture must first properly prepare a canvas. The very same rule applies to decorating. Before choosing the perfect couch, lamp or coffee table, walls and floors call for your attention. A neutral setting, although safe, may unfortunately stop you from exploiting the potential of a place to the maximum. Rugs, tiles, wood or concrete will help you define the space from the floor level. Here we give you six imaginative ideas for walls to make a statement with taste.


How To Transform Your Bathroom Into a SPA Resort

Bathroom is the most intimate and secluded space in the whole house which has the biggest potential to become your favorite place of relaxation. All you have to do is to abandon the cold and sterile vision of naked tiles and read on to find out which accessories will help you transform it into a genuine SPA resort. Enjoy!

Hygge Up For Winter: Introducing Shaggy Rya Rugs and Beni Ourains 4

5 Home Decor Tricks to Make this Fall Even More ‘Hygge’

The Danish “hygge”, which etymologically derives from the Norwegian word for wellbeing, has evolved and now leads its own life. It is an untranslatable concept that can simultaneously convey a feeling, an impression, an emotion as well as a specific atmosphere of intimacy and warmth.

#1 Most Searched in the USA: Victorian Style and How to Decorate With It 17

#1 Most Searched in the USA: Victorian Style and How to Decorate With It

Great as the Queen after whom it was named, Victorian style embodies class of the British aristocracy, and propagates the refined sensibility of the 19th century England. Although a bit overwhelming in its original form, the decorating trend in the modern version is the answer to all seekers of timeless elegance and a pinch of royal luxury. Shall we begin?

5 Ways To Make A Large Room Feel Comfy 5

5 Ways To Make A Large Room Feel Comfy

Large rooms seem like the easiest ones to decorate when they are far from it. It takes a lot of time and careful deliberation to determine how to carefully set-up the interior of a large space. If you’re unsuccessful, your room will look either too stark or too redundant with a plethora of negative spaces to boot.

5 Smart and Simple Décor Tricks 31

5 Smart and Simple Décor Tricks

In search for the perfect décor some fall all over themselves but we at DLB know that real sophistication lies in simplicity. Guided by this principle, we have prepared 5 ingenious and uncomplicated decorating tips to help you glam up your abode. Fall for them and you won’t regret it!

5 Ways to Style an 'Anne with an E' Inspired Farmhouse Kitchen 15

5 Ways to Style an ‘Anne with an E’ Inspired Farmhouse Kitchen

The famous exuberant redhead has returned to the screens in the picturesque Anne with an E series and the world once again fell for her youthful energy. Just as Anne finds it hard to curb her enthusiasm, we simply can’t resist the fabulous décor which also plays major role in the Netflix original production. With our design tips you’ll have a chance to introduce the idyllic atmosphere of Green Gables into your home. Enjoy!

Interior Decorating With Color: Which Hues To Choose? 7

Interior Decorating With Color: Which Hues To Choose?

Colors speak louder than words, especially when it comes to the language of decorating. A cliché? Not at all! A properly matched hue has a power of transforming an ordinary interior into your favorite room in the house. Knowing the difference between warm and cool shades will give you a sense of confidence when choosing colors so before you get to the task, take a moment to look into our little guide.

How to style a coffee table like a professional 19

How to style a coffee table like a professional

Fancy a cup of coffee? Even if you don’t count yourself amongst big hot beverages fans, you probably still want your coffee table to look absolutely smashing. This inconspicuous object may become the highlight of the interior if you follow a set of simple rules. Just keep reading!

Interiors That Made Us Jealous In 2016 (Part II) 2

Interiors That Made Us Jealous In 2016 (Part II)

The 2016 has been very generous in terms of glamorous house decors. Prepare yourselves for the second part of interiors that made us super envious last year! P.S.  If you haven’t seen the first part – clik here.

Vintage Boho: Samarkand Rugs 8

Vintage Boho: Samarkand Rugs

Are you a fan of boho? Even if you definitely prefer royal glam to shabby chic, you will not escape the recherché charm of the Samarkands. Let us introduce you to these wonders of the Orient.

Interiors That Made Us Jealous In 2016 (Part I) 54

Interiors That Made Us Jealous In 2016 (Part I)

From Cali-cool, through urban Paradise, to elegant eclecticism – the year 2016 pampered us with some really glamorous interiors. Design aficionados have opened their stylish doors, so let’s not miss that chance and come to see the hottest abodes of the past year.