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5 Steps to Decorate Like Lauren Conrad

When you see Lauren Conrad, you immediately want to be friends with her. When you look at her gorgeous abodes, you instantly feel the urge to redecorate your entire house. Thankfully, Lauren is always willing to give some advice on how to live chic, so let’s take it!

Black Sabbath In The White He(a)ven: ‘The Osbournes’ Hidden Hills Mansion

Long before everyone got to hear about Kim Kardashian’s massive… success, the world followed the trials and tribulations of the wacky Osbourne family with bated breath.

Stunning Homes of Academy Award Nominees

The list of Oscar nominations 2016 is announced and it seems that it will be one of the most thrilling Oscar race in a long time. In the anticipation of 88th Academy Awards we wanted to do justice to our affinity for interior design by taking a peek at their homes.

Architectural Digest: John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s NYC Home, with DLB carpet


The February cover story for Architectural Digest is a swoon-worthy tour through singer-songwriter John Legend and model Chrissy Teigen’s masterfully renovated by Don Stewart New York City home.

The entire slideshow is worth seeing, or better yet pick up a print copy, but naturally we are most excited about the shots featuring gorgeous, contemporary rug and carpet.

Up top, the living room boasts a hand-tufted wool-and-silk rug that was designed to look like water – a perfectly calm foundational piece for a room full of eye-catching art and strong vintage elements.


Then in the bedroom, this custom carpet is a woven interpretation of a painting by artist Shannon Cantanaro, owner of Eskayel. Our creative director opted to use an aloe background for this piece, because aloe has lot of natural color and lends a layered feeling to the textile. The design on top is done in pink and gray silks with hints of green that really come out in this particular lighting.

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