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5 Classy Décor Tricks to Breathe New Life into Your Home

Only two things in life are certain – taxes and… changes. Even if your abode represents absolute perfection, sooner or later you’ll want to fine-tune it anyway. Put in something new, take away something well-worn, follow the latest trend. Being aware of this need, we’ve prepared 5 classy and simple décor tricks to jazz up your most beloved place in the world. Get ready for re-decorating in the best style!

Trend Alert: Best Patio Rugs To Juice Up Your Summer Hangout

With the weather rapidly changing in everyone’s favor, now it’s the time to start thinking about re-organizing your outdoor hangout. Among many decorating tricks, one particularly stands out due to its simplicity and effectiveness – put a carpet there! No matter if it’s a balcony or a gazebo – every summer patio deserves a sheer joy of vibrant shades and patterns as well as comfort provided by pleasurable textures and soft fibers. We’ve selected several designs that will ideally match this year’s trends. Don’t linger and pick your favorite patio rug!

Top 10 Interiors To Bring You Fresh Spring Décor Inspirations

Spring is just around the corner and ,oh dear, what a season it’s going to be! We can foresee high temperatures and lots of sun followed by equally hot design trends 😉 These 10 interiors were selected to give you a little sneak peak of what will be going on in the next couple of months so your heart may start throbbing while your hands are getting ready for some springtide decorating. Get to it and get inspired!

5 Statement Rugs That Will Spruce Up Your Room

An empty floor, even the one made of luxurious oak planks, classy tiles or fashionable concrete, calls for a rug. To help you avoid buying a mediocre carpet that might not exactly meet your expectations, we’ve prepared a little guide through the most qualitative statement rugs that will vivify your room in an instant.

Top 5 Classy Décor Trends To Embrace This Spring

Every season, next to the change of atmospheric conditions, brings also a bunch of design shifts. We’ve scanned the Internet and other media, looked through many décor tips and design experts’ predictions in order to select 5 most elegant, fresh and consistent trends which are going to rule your place in Spring 2018. Waste no more time, beauty awaits to bloom!

5 Reasons Why A Moroccan Rug Is a Must-Have In Your Home

Hello, is anyone out there who still has not heard about Beni Ourain rugs and their other textile cousins from Morocco? We’ve prepared 5 reasons to convince you to Moroccan rugs, however after seeing one with your own eyes, you’ll surely find many more!


How To Transform Your Bathroom Into a SPA Resort

Bathroom is the most intimate and secluded space in the whole house which has the biggest potential to become your favorite place of relaxation. All you have to do is to abandon the cold and sterile vision of naked tiles and read on to find out which accessories will help you transform it into a genuine SPA resort. Enjoy!

Live like Jennifer Aniston: House Decorating with…. Rugs!

“Sexy is important, but comfort is essential,” claims ever the America’s Sweetheart, Jennifer Anniston. Aided by AD100 interior designer Stephen Shadley, she transformed her new L.A residence into a temple of serenity, filled with wood, stone, bronze and… rugs. Let’s take a peek into her dreamy California home and check how the skilled actress and the talented decorator crafted the perceptible Zen aura in the finest style.

5 Ways a Modern Rug Can Transform Your Room 7

5 Ways a Modern Rug Can Transform Your Room

Anyone who thinks seriously about decorating should be familiar with the miraculous effects a properly selected rug has on the interior, and these are plenty! A floor covering introduces color, texture and pattern, it can create a geometric stir or organize the space, optically enlarge the room or warm it up. Here we present various types of modern rugs that will help you achieve different decorating goals. Read on and rug up!

Expert Answers: How to Choose the Best Area Rug for Your Room? 7

Finding a Persian Rug to Make Your Room Appear Larger

Many of us live in small apartments. That doesn’t mean we can’t live life to its fullest. From combining rooms to installing built-in furniture, to the strategic use of paint and light, small rooms can be made to look larger. A Persian carpet is another option. In general, a rug that sits under the furniture draws the eye across the width of the space and creates a distinguishable focal point.

Top 10 Statement Ceilings That Entirely Changed the Game 3

Top 10 Statement Ceilings That Entirely Changed the Game

In decorating, a lot is being said about walls and floors yet ceilings are strangely neglected, as if that part of the house did not affect the overall décor. To demonstrate how untrue is this assumption and to show the immense power the top of a room may have on an interior, we present 10 statement ceilings that prove it is worth looking up!

Expert Answers: How to Choose the Best Area Rug for Your Room? 23

Expert Answers: How to Choose the Best Area Rug for Your Room?

The question of whether a rug should be part of interior décor is in fact no question at all – the answer to that is always a firm “yes.” However, the matter of picking the perfect rug for the room and arranging it properly so that it fulfills its function to the greatest possible extent may present certain challenges. Being aware of this, we’ve prepared a little cheat-sheet for all aficionados of design to help them choose the best rug to match their expectations. Read on and proceed to decorating!