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6 Creative Accent Wall Ideas To Make A Statement In Your Room

An artist who wants to paint a picture must first properly prepare a canvas. The very same rule applies to decorating. Before choosing the perfect couch, lamp or coffee table, walls and floors call for your attention. A neutral setting, although safe, may unfortunately stop you from exploiting the potential of a place to the maximum. Rugs, tiles, wood or concrete will help you define the space from the floor level. Here we give you six imaginative ideas for walls to make a statement with taste.

5 Simple Ways To Give Your Living Room A New Look Just Like That!

Everybody changes their image for the summer. The hotter it gets, the more people we observe in their ‘lighter’ attire. This shift, mostly imposed by the sweet caresses of the sun, is usually achieved with a minimum amount of effort. You only need to to leave behind the depressing memory of winter, along with all the coats and jumpers. We also want to give you a possibility of an easy change. Nonetheless, it is not you who is going to undergo a transformation – it’s your living room. Lay back and check out our 5 simple ways to introduce a summer vibe into your parlor. Just like that!

Take A Peek Inside Mandy Moore’s Super Trendy Pasadena Home

Watching her work in the show business, one may tell straight away that Mandy Moore is prone to beauty. This deep artistic sensitivity along with joy, confidence and knack for design find reflection in her utterly chic Pasadena house. The actress/singer/choreographer knows exactly what’s hot but she’s far from blindly following the trends. Moore proves that the comfy vibe is not solely reserved to Farmhouse or Boho. Come with us on a tour around this airy and consistent abode and feel at home.

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Trend Alert: 5 Colors Everyone is Taking About Right Now

What would life be without colors? Dull, for starters. Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about that. The world is full of hues and our major problem is rather deciding which one we fancy at the moment. Yet again, there is no need to fret. Ranks of expert decorators, designers and tastemakers usually do it for us. And thank them for that! A well-matched shade can completely transform an interior, giving it a proper flair. Here we present 5 colors that have recently made the headlines. Now, it’s time for them to make your décor!

Know Your Rug – 5 Rug Types and How to Benefit From Them

Knotted, tufted or maybe flat-woven? There is much more to buying a carpet than merely picking a lovely design. Especially if you’re a conscious consumer who wants to know exactly where his or her money goes. Each of the many rug types available on the market can prove worthy in a different environment. Here we unveil the secrets of 5 most popular rug constructions along with their most advantageous use. Read on and rug up!

5 Investment-Worthy Decor Ideas To Make Your Apartment Eternally Fab

Year by year, month by month, even day by day – the fashion circle never stops rolling. Fads come and go, every season gives us “the hottest” this or that. If we bought all the suggested “must-haves” there probably would be no room left for us to live. However, there are things that resist this ever-changing frenzy. Things that, through their exceptional workmanship, uniqueness and beauty, acquire a timeless dimension. Let bygones be bygones and check our 5 decor ideas that are truly worthy of investment. Not for a moment but for life.

Live like Ellen DeGeneres: 5 Décor Tips For Chic Farmhouse

A television host, businesswoman, screen writer, actress, LGBT activist, philanthropist… It’s hard to believe that all these epithets refer to just one person. And the list doesn’t end there! Ellen DeGeneres (because who else could we be talking about) is also a gifted designer. Being a veritable angel, she graced us with the experience acquired while decorating her gorgeous horse ranch in LA. Let’s not be deaf to a wise woman’s voice and hear out 5 décor tips by Ellen DeGeneres.

5 Ways to Make a Room With (Just) a Statement Rug

A statement rug – we keep hearing that a lot recently. Apparently, everybody is supposed to have at least one in the house, if not in a room. Not to boast, but as experts in this particular field we are totally for this idea! All satisfied owners of qualitative carpets (which is, let’s face it, literarily all) will agree with us and the latest trend. We’ve prepared 6 examples to demonstrate how a well-matched statement rug enriches the interior. If fact, it has the power to completely define it. Find out for yourselves!


Top 5 Today’s Interior Design Trends According to Pinterest

Various magazines, e-portals and experts constantly bombard us with news of what is currently trending in the design world. However, one social media is particularly accurate in its judgments. We are talking about Pinterest. Why? Well, the answer is pretty simple. A social network where you can pin your interest is the best indicator of what people ACTUALLY like. Scanning through this catalogue of ideas, we have selected 5 hottest interior design trends. Check them out if you’re ready to jazz up your house décor!

6 Best Décor Tips to Make a Bedroom of Your Dreams

Imagine you are having a dream about a serene and beautiful place. You wake up, open your eyes and there you are! “Am I still dreaming?”, you ask yourself. The answer is no, this is just your own personal bedroom. But it is perfect. How does this vision sound? If you feel at least a little bit tempted, keep reading to discover simple décor tips that we have prepared to help you achieve harmony and chic in your private chambers. Let the dream last!

5 Worst Décor Mistakes to Avoid in the Living Room

If there is one room in your home that should present absolute perfection, it is the living room. That’s where we usually receive guests, relax and spend quality time with our family. Unfortunately, that’s also where we make the gravest decor mistakes that can spoil “Zen” and thus, the friendly atmosphere. See what common “design sins” we have spotted that may disrupt stylish balance in the busiest space of your house.

Must Have: 6 Best 2018 Trends to Introduce to Your Kitchen

If you were to point the heart of your home, which room would you pick? The kitchen, we bet! This place evokes a mysterious magnetic attraction that brings family and friends together and, next to cooking, makes you want to perform many other compelling activities there. Realizing this, we have gathered 6 best 2018 trends that will make your hearth even more special! Check them out and let yourself discover how good the food tastes and the conversation goes in a super-chic environment.