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Top 5 Ideas for the Perfect Outdoor Patio - Living Room 20

Top 5 Ideas for the Perfect Outdoor Patio – Living Room

After long and tedious months of waiting, the summer has finally arrived! If you’ve forgotten to prepare for all these warm afternoons and evenings spent outdoors among friends and family, do not fret With our 5 simple tips you’ll soon be ready to entertain in the garden and enjoy the benefits of the best season of the year.

Jennifer Post Designs In Zaha Hadid’s Model Residence 2

Jennifer Post Designs In Zaha Hadid’s Model Residence

When great women join forces, the effect may be nothing but mind-blowing. This time, Jennifer Post, a renowned interior designer, enters one of the last buildings to bear Hadid’s personal stamp to complete the vision of the architecture’s Grande Dame. Join the tour around 520 West 28th Street residence and enjoy the heights of design artistry.

5 Tips for Setting Up the Perfect Easter Table 11

5 Tips for Setting Up the Perfect Easter Table

Every holiday celebration includes a special breakfast, luncheon or dinner and the dining table serves as the center of attention. Setting a beautiful holiday table can seem a daunting task but really is just a matter of planning and doing each step in order. No matter which occasion is on the social horizon, here are some tips for setting the perfect table for a tasteful and elegant Easter holiday meal.

(Re)decorating RVs for a perfect vacation

When going on a dreamy long-awaited vacation we want everything to be just perfect. If our conveyance happens to be a motorhome, yacht or a jet, it is vital that it is comfy and pleasant to the eye as we will probably spend in its interior a substantial amount of our time. It doesn’t matter whether you just bought a brand-new floating vessel or intend to give your old camper a fresh look, you are welcome to draw inspiration from the ideas presented below.

How to Bring Summer Camp Style Home


August is upon us, high time to squeeze in final trips and outdoor adventures before the leaves turn.

Beauty and the Beach

Spaces designed for Summer and Sun

Essential Architecture

Rectangles and Squares: Corners, Lines and Design

At an art fair last week, I saw a portrait of Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. I didn’t notice at first, but a second look revealed that Dorothy’s hair and features were entirely composed of squares and rectangles – she was a girl made of cubes, but an unmistakable one nonetheless. I didn’t buy it, but it struck me as an interesting statement on the post-modern, pop culture-focused, digitized reality we live in.  On a related note, tattoos inked in pixilated-style  are increasingly cropping up on my Pinterest feed.

As citizens of the industrialized, computerized world, the rectangle is the basic structure of our lives – it’s the shape of the homes and offices we inhabit, and it’s the shape of the smallest components (pixels) of the images that travel across the screens we stare into.


Our saturated exposure to this four-sided shape affects our perception in ways we aren’t even aware of. Take for instance this optical illusion:

which line

Which line is longer? Researchers discovered that typically Americans perceive the line with the ends pointed out as longer than the one with two arrowheads. This is because we live in spaces with linear construction, and that influences the way we perceive angles, i.e. this is how we usually perceive those lines:

house lines