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From Nader's Private Collection: The Story Of The Most Special Rug 6

From Nader’s Private Collection: The Story Of The Most Special Rug

There are 22 carpets that I have kept to myself over the years.  They are all rare, some are priceless, and all of them depict animals.  Although I keep them for my private enjoyment, I think it is time I shared some of them with you.

Experience the Nature of Eskayel Design 6

Experience the Nature of Eskayel Design

You don’t have to be a design expert to recognize the beauty which lies in nature-inspired projects of Shanan Campanaro and her remarkable team. 2017 brings us to wildlife closer than ever, thus it will definitely be a good year for Eskayel.

3 stunning Art Deco rugs by Preeminent Designers Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann, Marion Dorn, Paul Follot

Just arrived to our gallery, these three unique vintage rugs exemplify the aesthetic range and design variance of the early Mid-Century era. Without further ado, take a look:

Creating John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s NYC home: Q&A with Desiderata Design’s Don Stewart


We’re thrilled to have our rugs featured in Architectural Digest’s February cover story on John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s beautifully renovated home by Don Stewart of Desiderata Design along with Archi-Tectonics’ Winka Dubbeldam.

This week we had a chance to catch up with Don and ask him more about the work that went into this wonderfully eclectic yet subtly continuous home.


What was the first piece to go in the bedroom?

The decorative French leather panel behind the bed. It’s from the 1860s. John and I saw it when we were having a custom sofa made. We both saw this thing and thought it would be really cool in there.

And then what?

After that we got the bed, which is this dark chocolaty almost eggplant. The drapery is eggplant as well.

So the rug was almost the last thing to come in?

Yes. We needed the rug to lighten the room up. It has an almost musical pattern, it reminds me of sound-wave patterns, but in mint and raspberry and cream. And it resonates with the wall panel.


How about in the living room?

The rug was the final element, appropriately named ‘Water.’ I think the first thing was the floor standing chandelier. We were shopping for dining chairs. We were in Eccola, and Chrissy was just drawn to this chandelier.

What came second?

The ottoman. That was a strong element we liked. We got that right away just because they both responded to it immediately.

Sounds like you put it together piece by piece and yet as a whole there’s a flow to the space – how do you manage that?

That’s where I don’t know how to articulate what I do. The main thing was they both had to love everything. Any hesitations, and it’s off the board. I didn’t come up with “I’m going to do a blue room” or anything like that.

Is that how you approach all of your projects?

The meaning of the word desiderata is “anything desired as essential or necessary.” That was the whole premise of opening my business. Make it about them. I don’t want to come in there and give it the ‘Don Stewart’ look. It’s not about me really, I’m just the filter. I take in what I see them responding to and touching. That’s where I pay the most attention.

You can learn more about Don here.

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Featured Fall Collection: Brett Beldock

Now that the temperature has dropped, we’re more than ready to warm up with some cozy, autumnal rugs.

One of our designer collections that speaks to the spirit of the season is Brett Beldock’s. Beldock used to be a fashion designer before turning to interiors, and in addition to rugs, she’s also designed wallpaper.

Something about Marta: Modernist Swedish Rugs Making a Splash

4 2 1

It used to be if you heard about a rug auction, it was almost inevitably Oriental. Antique pieces with traditional patterns were pretty much the only ones considered worthy of the block. That’s changing, and Mid-Century Swedish rugs are gaining prominence in a marketplace that has a seemingly insatiable appetite for modernism.


Back in June, we teamed up with Wright auction house for a first-of-its-kind event showcasing 20th century carpets. We had high hopes, but the results exceeded everyone’s expectations. Art and Antiques wrote about the sale here.

spot and table

“I found there was a real void in terms of market attention on carpets in general. Christie’s and Sotheby’s in New York had done them, mainly with oriental rugs. But we thought, let’s do something totally different, shift people’s thinking.” Wright Senior Vice President Michael Jefferson told the magazine.


French Art Deco and Moroccan carpets were also part of the sale, but Swedish rugs in particular have resonated with Mid-Century enthusiasts. Marta Maas-Fjetterstrom was the godmother of Swedish textile modernism, she was an ardent adherent to the strictures of modernist design (see some of the pieces from her still-operating production house in our collection here).  And she cemented a lively, colorful textile tradition that transcends design modes. Even today, many of her pieces would not look out of place in the sleekest of cutting-edge interiors. 

with art

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Kim Alexandriuk Featured in Interiors Magazine!

blog pic 1

“For Alexandriuk, it was an exciting challenge to compose within such a bold and rigorous frame.  She came well prepared for the task, having spent part of her childhood in Germany, studied fine arts in France and worked for Michael Smith before setting up her own office in Santa Monica in 1999.  That experience, her eclectic tastes and two years with the Getty Conservation Institute gave her a keen awareness of materials, complementary forms and the refined details that enrich any interior.”

Kim Alexandriuk 1


Kim Alexandriuk

“For me, design is an organic process, absorbing the spirit of the architecture and landscape and seeing how the clients live.  The owners didn’t want to bring any furnishings with them, so I collected pieces over eighteen months, stored them in Los Angeles until the house was ready and then trucked them up.  I wanted the interior to feel casual but well curated, with beautiful compositions that the owners might have developed over time.” – Kim Alexandriuk

Kim Alexandriuk

“The whole job was a balancing act,” admits the designer. “The clients had different priorities: He wanted crisp modern lines, she wanted warm and comfortable, so I had to find middle ground while winning them over with the beauty and variety of modern design.”

Featured in INTERIORS Magazine October/November 2013.

Introducing – The Exclusive Bunny Williams Rug Collection!

bunny blog pic 1

Doris Leslie Blau has always been committed to providing you with the highest quality rugs, in both design and material. Over the past few years, we have also introduced many designer rug lines, featuring renowned rug designers, interior designers, and architects, each bringing their own unique custom rug designs to contribute to our extensive designer collection.

This week is a very exciting week, as we continue to strive to bring you the highest quality rugs, along with fresh new designs.

We are happy to present to you the exclusive Bunny Williams collection for Doris Leslie Blau. We are honored and ecstatic to be presenting Bunny’s first ever designer rug collection.

Prolific American interior designer Bunny Williams has spent the past 25 years designing beautiful and personalized interiors.  Her home decor line, Bunny Williams Home and her series of home decor books have been influential in showing us how to make every house feel like a home.  Adding to her growing collection of home decor products, Bunny has released a new collection of rugs with Doris Leslie Blau.

As a true reflection of Bunny’s truly magnificent design work, the Bunny Williams designer rug collection includes an eclectic and expressive mix of hemp pile, cut pile, silk/wool blends, aloe/wool blends, looped pile and flat weaves.

The colors within the collection range from tone-on-tone neutrals and muted blues and greens, to rich blues and deep hues, seemingly borrowed from the sea itself.

bunny blog pic 2

The collection was inspired by Bunny’s love of rugs – the pieces she uses as inspirations for a room’s design.  “Rugs are the magic of every room.  For me, they are where I begin every project.  I choose a beautiful rug then select paint colors and fabrics that complement it. For years I have come to Doris Leslie Blau because I know they have rugs, both old and new, that a designer can really build a room around. When I began working on my own rug collection, there was no hesitation in my choice to collaborate with Nader and Doris Leslie Blau,” Says Williams.

bunny blog pic 3

The collection features cultural designs that have a timeless appeal.  From modernist takes on chevrons, ikats and Native American designs to Moroccan-inspired patterns, each rug can be used to add a cultural touch to your home

bunny blog pic 4

This Wednesday, April 17th, we will be celebrating the release of the Bunny Williams collection with a launch party here at Doris Leslie Blau. Please join us between 5:30 and 8pm ET for a drink and a chance to view this gorgeous collection first-hand. We look forward to meeting you!

Explore Bunny Williams’ Bespoke Collection for Doris Leslie Blau > (

Thanks to Jeanine of Aphro Chic and Maddie of Thriftary  for this post!

Four DLB Rugs in Michael J. Fox’s Home Designed by Gomez Associates

Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan

There is something magical when both the client and designer want to use the same vendor. This was the case for the recently published article in Architectural Digest featuring the apartment of Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan designed by Gomez Associates; Both longtime clients of Doris Leslie Blau.

Brooke Gomez did the preliminary shopping of vintage and antique rugs, as do all designers. The usual showing of the selection to the client took three hours instead of one. What we found at the gallery was an explosion of energy and creativity. They sought to bring together different genres of style while keeping in mind the clients need for a more casual and younger feel yet still having a sense of sophistication.

Michael J Fox living room

For the living room, they chose an unusually colored Oushak rug from the late 19th century with an overblown dramatic design. Brooke wanted a different sensibility for the dining room so she went for a mix of cultures by choosing a 1940’s French Deco rug by Jules Leleu.

Jules Leleu rug

The runner is inspired by a 1940’s Swedish rug designed by Barbro Nilsson. It was custom made in two months due to the very large size restriction of the hallway.

Tibetan striped runner

The bedroom needed to remain in soft colors yet have a bold pattern hence the Bauhaus design rug. The rug has a bit of silk to add extra luster and a nice touch to the feet.

Bauhaus design rug

The Doris Leslie Blau experience continues! To support the Michael J. Fox Foundation in finding a cure for Parkinsons, please click here.

Read more at Architectural Digest: Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan’s Manhattan Home

DLB Rug Chosen by Mary Alice Stephenson at Christie’s

Mary Alice Stephenson was featured this week on Christie’s “Arbiter of Style.” Among her favorite picks, the renowned style expert includes a contemporary DORIS LESLIE BLAU IKAT-INSPIRED CARPET.

DLB Rug Chosen by Mary Alice Stephenson at Christie's

Doris Leslie Blau Rug Chosen by Mary Alice Stephenson at Christie’s