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3 stunning Art Deco rugs by Preeminent Designers Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann, Marion Dorn, Paul Follot

July 9, 2015
3 stunning Art Deco rugs by Preeminent Designers Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann, Marion Dorn, Paul Follot
Doris Leslie Blau

Just arrived to our gallery, these three unique vintage rugs exemplify the aesthetic range and design variance of the early Mid-Century era. Without further ado, take a look:

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You can see this Art Deco rug was featured in the Parisian music salon pictured above. Designed by Paul Follot, this circular piece’s frame (diameter: 12’7”) highlights the symbols of the zodiac intricately detailed in clay-like terracotta hues, while the inner circle depicts a dreamy, deep-blue rendition of the night sky.

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Marion Dorn was a preeminent modernist rug designer of the first half of the twentieth century. This vintage modern rug is not the one featured in the other black-and-white photo (which is of the renowned Claridge Hotel in London in 1932), but it is of the same design. Pile-knotted in wool, the rug lays at 19’8.2” x 11’5.8 “. Its angular geometry and simple patterning, a study of clean lines and shapes in red and black, epitomize the modernist aesthetic.


With a pattern as uncommon as it is becoming, this French pile Aubusson rug by Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann has a very special history. This extraordinary vintage Art Deco carpet was commissioned in 1925 for the bureau-bibliotheque of the French Embassy pavilion at the Internationale des Arts Décoratifs – the Parisian exposition widely credited with catalyzing the Art Deco movement. This wool rug is 18’5” x 12’5.6”. Its heathery field is sprinkled with blue vermicellis and red dots, and the elegant border presents blue and mauve spandrels and decorative volutes with a vegetal design.

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