Antique Aubusson Rug BB5211

Antique Aubusson Rug Description:

The Aubusson, Creuse commune of France is renowned for its tradition of tapestry manufacture, which at one point competed with the royal manufacture of Gobelins tapestry. Typically, antique Aubusson carpets depended on engravings as a design source from which the low-warp tapestry-weavers worked. Figure designs were set against a conventional background of verdure and stylized foliage. Common also were elaborate vignettes of plants, serving as perches for birds and offering glimpses of distant towers and towns. This antique flat-weave rug (woven without pile and particularly comfortable underfoot) features a center medallion of a four-pointed star shape against a field of gold and recurring floral designs in hues such as pink, red and blue. The rectangular corner brackets with inset botanical designs complete the rich, ornate look of this antique carpet.
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