A rug, like a work of art, should awaken something in you. It should be the last clear impression you have when you leave your house, and the first thing you want to see when you walk in the door. Because, whether you realize or not, as soon as you enter a room your eyes focus on the floor first, and then shift upward. That's why a rug is an important part of every room–it can create the mood.


- Doris Leslie Blau


Todd A. Romano of Todd Alexander Romano Interior Design, New York said of Doris,

"Her knowledge and expertise is hard to rival. The inventory is indescribable from every aspect: quality, depth, sophistication and of course whimsy,"

Paul Vincent Wiseman of The Wiseman Group, Interior Design, Inc, San Francisco, described Doris, "She magically weaves the story of rugs into the story of human nature. Rugs are the foundation of any beautiful room and Doris has the ability to act as a medium in translating client narratives into a personal woven expression of their dreams and identities."

"The Blau Gallery has succeeded over the years in sustaining the highest caliber of design and the foremost quality."


- Geoffrey N. Bradfield, Geoffrey Bradfield Inc, New York, NY


"Doris often quotes Edgar Allen Poe: ‘The carpet is the soul of the apartment.’ Indeed, in many ways, the carpet is the soul of decoration–and Doris, through her discernment is also at its heart."


- Thomas Jayne, Thomas Jayne Studio., New York, NY.


"Nothing pleases me more than a trip to Doris Leslie Blau’s Gallery to select beautiful carpets for our various projects. One short, witty conversation with Doris puts one at ease and helps make the selection of rugs thrilling and exciting. Doris has the best eye in the industry."


- Noel Jeffrey, Noel Jeffrey Inc., New York, NY


Doris is a rare treasure - always a pleasure to work with, she knows all and sees all. I like to think of her as the oracle of the rug world.


- Michael Smith, Michael Smith Inc. Santa Monica, CA.


"Being an architect, rational by nature, Doris sensed my concerns. She started off our next go-round and said, sweetheart, don’t think about it so much. Trust your feelings. Look at these rugs for how they make you feel and you’ll be just fine. Good advice."


- Alan Wanzenberg, Alan Wazenberg Architect. P.C. New York, NY


"Mrs. Blau’s eye for beautiful and high-quality rugs is an established fact. My father taught me when I was 13 that one cannot be in the business of interior design without knowing her name. Whenever I need to look for beautiful rugs I think of her and know I will not be disappointed."


- Alexa Hampton, Mark Hampton Inc., New York, NY


"I have always admired Doris for her great sense of quality and style. Any carpet can fill a room, but a carpet from Doris Leslie Blau will fill a room with a sense of history, warmth, and most of all dignity."


- Karl Kemp & Associates, Ltd., New York, NY