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Choose Your Persian or Modern Rugs in Atlanta

Shopping for rugs can be a real pleasure when you work with us. We have hundreds of different styles available to choose from, each of which is made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship possible. If you live in or around the Atlanta area, take some time to browse through the different types of rugs we have in stock, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns.

Great Selection of Persian Rugs in Atlanta

If you are interested in a Oriental rug, you have certainly come to the right place. Our team brings in beautiful Persian rugs directly from that region, and even from other parts of the world where they have been stored. This gives you the opportunity to shop one of the largest selections of these fine rugs you’ll ever see. You can look through these incredible pieces, and purchase the one that will fit best with your overall decorative style.

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Choose Your Modern Rugs in Atlanta

Modern rugs are becoming more and more popular with every passing day. They are a great way to add a lot of character to a room, and really bring out the best in any decorative style. Here in Atlanta, we have a huge selection of great modern rugs that take advantage of beautiful colors, shapes, patterns, and designs. We can also have custom made modern rugs created based on your specific desires. Whatever it is you need, we’ll make sure it gets done for you.

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Atlanta’s Best Antique Rugs

Are you shopping for a beautiful antique rug in Atlanta? If so, you have come to the right place. Our selection of antique rugs is one of the best in the country. We bring in antique floor coverings from around the world so you don’t have to travel to find what you need. Antique rugs may be old, but thanks to the incredible craftsmanship that went into them, they will still look great for generations to come. Antique rugs come in a wide range of different styles and designs, and even come in many sizes so you can easily find one that fits your room perfectly.

Vintage Rugs in Atlanta

A vintage rug is a great option for someone who loves the look and feel of things made in the 20th century. These rugs started with the modernism movement, and continued to be made for many years. The great coloring, patterns, and skill that were used to make vintage rugs has kept them in high-demand for many years. You can choose from vintage rugs made in countries around the world, without ever leaving Atlanta.

No matter what type of rug you’re looking for, we will help you get it right away. Our office is located at 32266 W. Andrews Dr NW, Atlanta, GA 30305. If you have any questions or you are ready to make a selection, please get in touch with us to discuss all your options, we’ll be more than happy to help you every step of the way.