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The Splendor of Antique Area Rugs

Although there are many fabulous village and tribal weaving pieces in smaller dimensions which constitute the essence of rug craftsmanship, nothing compares to the unmatched glory of antique area rugs. These marvelous, large carpets were usually made in famous eastern weaving centers, such as Persian Tabriz, Malayer, Meshad, Khorassan, Sultanabad, Heriz and Kerman, Turkish Oushak and Sivas, Indian Agra and Amritsar, or in eastern and central Europe, including creations from Bessarabia, as well as French Aubusson, Savonnerie or English Axminster and Wilton. Each and every antique area rug is distinguished by exquisite quality and irresistible charm of grand and intricate designs.

Hand-made of the finest wool, silk or cotton in accordance with old and refined techniques, antique area carpets exhibit a plethora of motifs, colors, patterns and styles which often mix and overlap creating entirely new categories. It is caused by the fact that the greatest weaving centers, in contrast to faraway villages or nomadic tribes, were exposed to a constant influx of new information, trends and goods, especially if they were located at famous trade routes, the Silk Road in particular. Thanks to merchants and travellers, iconic oriental rug motifs were carried all the way from Far-Eastern corners of Asia to Europe and back. Nowadays, we may admire the astounding array of antique area rugs’ designs and enjoy their unfading beauty in contemporary interiors.

Enlivening Your House With Antique Area Rugs

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, our décor may still look bleak and boring. In small accommodations this can be easily changed, but what about grand rooms? Putting some decorations in the corners or on walls may simply not be enough to change the face of the entire room. The best and quickest way to immediately invigorate your interior’s design is to put there a beautiful antique area rug. These wonders from the past are distinguished by the upmost quality, indisputable elegance and timeless appeal which makes them ideal for all kinds of interior arrangements, from classic to modern. There is so much to choose from! Persian rugs, Turkish carpets, Indian dhurries…

What should you pick? Don’t worry – Doris Leslie Blau has everything you’ll never need. Rugs are perfect warmth bringers and space definers, thus, they are more than necessary in ample spaces that require a focal point and some organization of space. By browsing our collection of antique area rugs, you will surely find something for yourself and your home.

Dhurrie Antique Area Rugs

Persian sultanabad antique area rug

Antique dhurrie rugs are one of the most beautiful in the world. Traditional and distinct Indian rugs –dhurries –shock with their grand size and an abundance of colors. Very often used as floor coverings during important meetings or family gatherings, this type of antique area rugs is easily foldable and light, which makes its transportation extremely easy, compared to other varieties. Dhurries are mainly made of wool, cotton, silk and jute, and their specific kind of weave makes them immune to insects such as silverfishes, which often damage carpets. The way of manufacturing dhurries, and thus their appearance, differs from region to region – in Rajasthan craftsmen use pit looms, Madhya Pradesh dhurries are of sturdy character and skillfully dyed. Interestingly enough, some of antique area rugs of dhurrie type were even made in Pakistan.

How to Decorate with Persian Antique Area Rugs?

Antique Persian rugs do not have to be introduced to anyone. As one of the most popular varieties of carpets, they are available in the whole range of sizes, area rugs included. What makes antique area rugs of this style so desirable are their grandiose patterns, both rich and elegant. Their positive impact on any interior is visible from the day one – Persian carpets perfectly complement both modern and traditional furniture, making them a very flexible choice for those, who like constant changes. Moreover, their great quality is a guarantee of carpet’s longevity. Properly taken care of, those antique area rugs can serve you faithfully for generations to come.