Antique Turkish Kilim Rug BB6868

Antique Turkish Kilim Rug Description:

This truly mesmerizing antique Turkish rug beautifully illustrates the folkloristic and elegant nature of authentic oriental kilims. Its main field bears a meticulous pattern composed of diamonds within diamonds giving the impression of pulsation and movement. It is worth mentioning that a diamond is probably the most common kilim motif that symbolizes protection against the maleficent gaze of the Evil Eye. The longer edges are additionally adorned with zigzags representing running water, a very scarce resource in deserts and steppes. This compelling message is complemented by the rich yet properly toned color palette of plum, rosewood, beige, teal, turquoise and brown against the pitch black background. Carefully hand-woven of the finest wool, this antique Turkish kilim is durable and qualitative. If properly maintained, it will serve its owners many years with its exotic charm and effortless grace.

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