Vintage Spanish Rug BB6802

Vintage Spanish Rug Description:

A mid 20th century Spanish rug, the striated light brown field with sparsely staggered blue and white fleurons overall within a whimsical blue vinery border.


During the Islamic occupation of the eleventh century, Medieval Spain was the first European country to make knotted pile vintage area rugs. The Hispano-Moresque society was a tremendously cultured civilization with diverse populations: Muslim Arab, Jewish, Christian and Berber, all intermingling for many centuries. In addition, other prevailing design influences came from Persia, Italy, and France. Along with tapestries, cushions, bed sets and chests, antique oriental rugs were indispensable to the nomadic life of the Spanish nobility.

In the fifteenth century, geometrically patterned Spanish rugs and carpets from Alcaraz were embellished with figural panels and emblazoned with armorials of the noble patrons who commissioned them. Throughout the Renaissance, Spanish carpet and area rug making closely followed the prevailing trends of European fashion by incorporating bold wreath and trellis-work designs.

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