Antique Turkish Silk Sivas Rug BB6107

Antique Turkish Silk Sivas Rug Description:

This circa-1880 antique Turkish silk Sivas rug features a delicate all-over design of interlocking abstract shapes containing floral motifs, palmettes and garden imagery in a soft, muted patina of various shades of beige and peach. Pomegranate imagery can be noted throughout; a common motif of Oriental rug weaving, the pomegranate can represent fertility and longevity. The late 19th century turkish rugs for sale is completed by a somewhat darker beige border containing floral abstractions to complement those of the central pattern. Decorative antique carpets from Sivas, in the southeast of Turkey in central Anatolia, are finely woven and formal, tending to interpret the classical Persian style with central medallions and floral infill. A palette of soft and pale gelato tones in the typical antique Sivas rug makes it more feminine than other any other antique turkish rugs.
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