In interior decorating, nothing compares to the glory of carpets and the magnificent antique Turkish rug before your eyes embodies this very glory. It was thoroughly hand-executed of the finest wool according to traditional weaving techniques in the renowned Oushak center which in itself constitutes its quality. Although made almost a century ago, the rug remains unspoilt by time and vicissitude of life thanks to its noble origin. The design of this majestic carpet is built upon the Tree of Life motif. It is one of the most important Oriental symbols which stands for the direct path from Earth to Heaven. This powerful message is further highlighted by additional floral and foliage patterns present both on the main field and the borders. The color palette, maintained in warm brown and sandy shades, brings to mind hot desert dunes. All this greatness can be admired in a large scale as this Turkish wonder has a truly royal size. Perfect in every detail, this rug will be an exotic jewel of any home. 

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