Antique Persian Hamadan Rug BB6436

Antique Persian Hamadan Rug Description:

This antique Persian rug comes from one of the oldest weaving centers in the world, Hamadan, whose ancient name – Ecbatana – was even mentioned in the Bible in the book of Esther. The long history of Hamadan has contributed to the development of advanced weaving techniques and a wide variety of styles which resulted in the production of high-quality, sophisticated rugs for sale like the one before your eyes. Its main field is embellished with an allover pattern of pronounced flowers interconnected by stalks with stylized foliage and complemented by triangular geometric figures at the edges of the field.

This botanical design is enclosed within a series of equally compelling borders bearing iconic Persian boteh motifs and flowering climbers. The whole composition is executed in an elegantly toned color palette comprising of dusty latte, burlap, hazelnut, beige and rosewood shades. The abrasion visible in certain parts of the antique carpet is the effect of natural dyes applied in the production process.

This antique Hamadan rug was masterfully hand-knotted of the finest wool in accordance with old and refined weaving techniques by a skilled artisan which shows in durable fabric that has survived until this day in excellent condition and will surely serve its owners for many years. The Persian rug has a chance to complement any kind of contemporary décor and bring in some of its recherché charm.

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