Antique Turkish Carpet BB2923

Antique Turkish Carpet Description:

A modern mid 20th century Turkish long-pile carpet having an open oatmeal field framed by a thin tan outer stripe.

With many weaving centers throughout Anatolia, each created an innately Turkish carpets with a distinct signature style native to its specific region. In the fifteenth century, inspired by the example set by the Timurid and Safavid Courts, Turkish artists introduced floral and Chinese motifs, first into ceramic tile-work and textiles, and then adapted into oriental carpet patterns. These designs included elegantly drawn prayer antique rugs decorated with architectural motifs serving as models for centuries of village weavers of Turkish rugs for sale and textiles across Anatolia.

Sivas rugs and carpets weavers traditionally used a smaller assortment of color than their Persian counterparts, achieving a remarkable range with only eight or nine colors. Primary colors tend to dominate, particularly blue and madder red, although a softer and lighter palette is often used on late nineteenth and early twentieth century carpets.

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