Vintage Turkish Oushak runner BB3881

Vintage Turkish Oushak runner Description:

An early 20th century Turkish Oushak rug runner, the field with an overall panel design stepped enlarged medallions in dark brown cream, rust, salmon, and beige tones, containing palmettes, and floral and geometric motifs within a rust serrated palmette border.

Kellehs, so-called gallery carpets, and long turkish rugs are all considered to be wide runners rug - antique rugs and carpets of a particularly elongated format that have been produced in many weaving centers around the world. Many of the earliest classical rugs for sale were woven in this kelleh format because of the restriction imposed by narrow width looms. Earlyminiatures of Safavid, Mughal and Chinese court scenes often depict narrow carpets flanking each side of a main carpet, with a dais carpet at the top creating the configuration of a stage with an audience in attendance. Unusual shaped antique wide runners were frequently commissioned to fit into particular spaces and may be found in many attractive styles and colorations.

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