Vintage Turkish Oushak Carpet BB2391

Vintage Turkish Oushak Carpet Description:

An early 20th century Turkish Oushak rug, the maize field with a lattice of leafy floral vinery around a central golden roundel, within a salmon stylized polychrome palmette border.

Since the sixteenth century, antique kilim rugs and turkish carpets from Oushak (also known as Ushak) have been represented among the carefully chosen and highly esteemed objects d'art in the studied interiors and still life paintings of important European personages, as depicted by such artists as Holbein, Lotto, Velasquez, Memling and Vermeer. Until the eighteenth century, the Turkish carpets with unabated designs such as 'medallion' and 'star' in royal tones of brick red, terracotta, deep blue and gold were decisively in vogue, and even after that period they have continued to grace European interiors.

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Item No. BB2391
Circa: 1900
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$ 40,000
Price: $ 31,000
Size: 10'5" × 13'0" (318 × 396 cm)
Color palette:
Vintage Turkish Oushak Carpet BB2391