Antique Turkish Oushak Rug (size adjusted)
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Antique Turkish Oushak Rug (size adjusted) BB0552

Price: $140,000

An early 20th century Turkish Oushak (Ushak) antique rug, the pale brick red field with a dramatically drawn out garden incorporating different abstract tree and leaf patterns within an interesting Greek key border.

Oushak rugs belong to one of the most significant categories of floor coverings. Turkish rugs for sale in general, and Oushak rugs in particular, are woven with the application of the symmetrical knot, also known as the Ghiordes knot, used mainly in Asia Minor, the Caucasus, Iran (formerly Persia), and Europe. The majority of antique Oushak rugs is characterized by relatively loose knots giving them a supple body, and a fairly long, luminous pile which can be attributed to silky, high-quality wool they work with.

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Item No.: BB0552 Circa: 1900 Size: 11'6" × 18'0" (350 × 548 cm)
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