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Antique Karabagh runner

Antique Karabagh runner BB4500

Price: $20,000

Despite their beauty, Caucasian rugs are still considered by many people to be a rarity. In recent years art collectors and interior designers became more and more interested in what Middle Asia has to offer in terms of antique rugs and woven goods. The countries located in this region have a rich weaving tradition, which was heavily influenced by the Silk Road running near or through them in the past. Amongst all carpets originating in Middle Asia, Karabagh rugs seem to draw the most attention and for a good reason – not only are their patterns absolutely stunning, but also the quality of their weave is unmatched.

This stunning Caucasian rug was woven in the early 20th century, circa 1900. Its fascinating design is not something that you could usually see on an antique rug. The abrashed field with an overall pattern of fleurons forming diagonal stripes overall and forming two tilted diamond shapes within a narrow slate geometric floral motif stripe was undoubtedly inspired by an Art Deco rugs which were gaining popularity in the 20th century Europe and Asia. The color palette accompanying it  consists mainly of vibrant shades of blue, red and green with a bit of rosy beige to balance the jewel tones.

The size of this piece, 4’3″ × 13’0″ (130 × 396 cm), makes it a perfect addition to any type of interior, from modern to classic. No one owning such a luxurious rug could even feel disappointed with its beauty and superior quality.

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Item No.: BB4500 Circa: 1900 Size: 4'3" × 13'0" (129 × 396 cm)Categories: , , , ,