Antique Russian Karabagh gallery Carpet BB4511

Antique Russian Karabagh gallery Carpet Description:

A late 19th century Caucasian Karabagh gallery rug having a lozenge lattice formed of broad peach hooked bands containing intricate geometric flowering vinery on a dark brown field within a series of reciprocal stripes.

The division of Azerbaijani-styled Karabagh rugs was based not on patterns, but "caucasian carpet schools" which dictated characteristic traits of each piece. There are four schools: Guba-Shirvan set in Guba, Shirvan region and Baku, Ganje-Kazakh, in Ganje town and Kazakh region, Karabagh based in centers in Shusha and, maybe surprisingly for some, Tabriz with centers in Tabriz and Ardebil in South (Iranian) Azerbaijan. Antique rugs from each school were woven in a different fashion and sometimes had very little or even nothing in common.

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