Antique Caucasian runner

Antique Caucasian runner Description:

An early 20th century Caucasian runner carpet, the royal blue field with enlarged angular flowerheads overall with scattered minor geometric floral motifs within a striped and hooked device border.

Most Сaucasian rugs for sale display bold geometric or simplistic botanical designs in primary, usually dim hues. The general color palette of carpets from the Caucasus consists of toned, autumnal shades such as brown, black, crimson, ochre, forest green, with accents of navy blue and indigo appearing more sporadically. The most unusual of antique Caucasian antique rugs are the rose-patterned ones, clearly created in response to Western tastes. Such rose-inspired designs utilize geometric pink and red flowers, as well as bouquets arranged in garlands with swags, on grounds of dark blue or black. The rugs for sale from Caucasus are thoroughly hand-knotted using various materials particular to the given region, including wool or hemp. Some of the most iconic Caucasian rugs are Shirvan, Dagestan, Kuba or Kazak carpets.

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