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Antique Persian Tehran Rug

Antique Persian Tehran Rug BB2550

Price: $40,000

An early 20th century Persian Tehran rug, the rich red field with an allover trellis of expressive tendrils terminating in stylized and bold feathery split leaves and flowering branches within a red and blue stylized leafy vinery border.

Antique Tehran rugs set the standard for quality and workmanship. In the late 1800s, the art of Persian weaving experienced a revival of popularity, and Tehran became the locus for Persian rug production. Antique Tehran rugs are not only high quality, they are also rare. Most high-quality Tehran rugs for sale pre-date 1945. Newer, high-quality Tehran rugs are generally only produced in very small numbers by master-weavers. These antique oriental rugs represent the ultimate beauty and quality considered an essential aspect of Persian carpetry.

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