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Antique Persian Tabriz Carpet

Antique Persian Tabriz Carpet BB2204

Price: $80,000

An early 20th century Northwest Persian Tabriz antique carpet, the midnight blue field with a lush overall pattern of flowering vines within a camel vinery and tree border.

The early eighteenth century saw the end of the Safavid Empire and the decline of the town of Tabriz with its legendary craftsmanship falling into disuse. Under the Qajar Dynasty (1786-1925) the workshops of Tabriz were gradually revived and by the 1880’s another golden age was underway and Tabriz again began to reestablish its position as the center for the export of Persian rugs to the West. Designs of antique Persian Tabriz rugs can vary widely. Some feature medallions, hunting scenes, flowers, and gardens Others prayer and pictorial Persian rugs for sale interpreted in a curvilinear manner. An antique Tabriz can be made of cotton or silk and woven as a pile carpet or flat-weave. A refined palette reliant on copper tones, terracotta and ivory, with shades of blue and subtle touches of gold, green and salmon are prevalent in antique Persian Tabriz rugs for sale. Some extremely luxurious antique Tabriz oriental rugs and carpets were woven in silk.

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Item No.: BB2204 Circa: 1900 Size: 10'7" × 13'9" (322 × 419 cm)Categories: , , ,