Vintage Persian Sarouk Rug BB2673

Vintage Persian Sarouk Rug Description:

An early 20th century Persian Sarouk antique rug, the midnight blue field with a spacious trellis overall of stylized palmettes and flowering vinery within a pale rust enlarged herati border.

Antique Sarouk rugs have a high pile and are generally at least two layers thick. This thickness contributes to the rugs’ unusual durability which is perfect for anyone searching for a highly reliable antique pieces. Sarouk rugs were typically created with blue weft thread. Their coloring usually consist of a blue background with cream, bright blue, pale red, orange, green, or brown shades creating the details and patterns. Many of Sarouk antique rugs for sale comprise of a focal central design and the iconic Herati pattern. The designs are usually smooth and curvilinear. Most of Sarouk rugs are large, thus they are frequently referred to as room-size Persian rugs. Interestingly enough, the weavers of these mesmerizing carpets most often used Persian asymmetrical knotting but occasionally some Sarouk rugs employ Turkish knots which are symmetrical. The quality of each rug may be discovered by the tightness of the weaving and the number of knots per square inch. A general rule is that the more knots the higher the quality.

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