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Antique Persian Meshad Rug BB5546 11'9" × 16'6"

An early 20th century Persian Meshad (Meshed) antique rug, the midnight blue field with a spacious overall design of flowering vinery, feathery leaves and stylized palmettes and flowerheads within a whimsical camel floral motif border.

With a good supply of soft wool and high quality craftsmen, Meshad has had a reputation as one of the most prolific, creative, and highly stylized sources of beautiful Persian carpets making them easily identified throughout the centuries. Most Mashhad carpets have corner-medallion designs strewn with flowers. The medallion, quarter-foils, and the main field of the carpet are typically dark-red or black-blue. The medallion in Mashad Persian rug is often circular with sixteen appendages or oval. The main field of the carpet is frequently strewn with motifs adopted from filigree works of Kerman and Yazd. Considering the design, weave, and coloring of these carpets, they are very easily distinguished from carpets woven in Yazd or Kerman.

Item No.: BB5546 Circa: 1900 Size: 11'9" × 16'6" (358 × 502 cm)
Color: Style: ,

This is Antique Persian Meshad Rug number BB5546 in our internal collections. This rug was manufactured around 1900, which means it is already 124 years old.

The dimensions of this rug are: 11'9" × 16'6" width × length, which corresponds to 358 × 502 cm in the metric system.

The rug pattern most used colors are: and Blue, and as a rug was qualified by our experts as a Botanic, Formal style in our wide offer of rugs. If you are interested in this unique work of art, please contact us with the number BB5546 for further information.

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Antique Persian Meshad Rug BB5546

Antique Persian Meshad Rug BB5546