Vintage Persian Khorassan Carpet
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Vintage Persian Khorassan Carpet BB2211

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An early 20th century Persian Khorassan antique rug, the sand field with an enlarged palmette and scrolling floral arabesque trellis overall within a dark brown border with lush palmettes and vinery.

The range of designs is extensive, from allover and arabesque medallion patterns in the classical tradition to designs influenced by its proximity to Turkmenistan yielding Khorassan carpets displaying geometric patterns rather than the more traditional Persian motifs. The palette on antique Khorassan rugs and carpets is varied as well.

Many antique Khorassan rugs have a softer, more decorative coloration, sometimes using deep, rich tones featuring main colors of dark burgundy, indigo, ivory, and light green. But whatever the design or color, antique Persian rugs and carpets maintain a high standard of drawing and weaving technique; Khorassan rugs and carpets are made with a soft wool woven into thin, tight piles making them durable despite their soft lustrous wool.

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Item No.: BB2211 Circa: 1900 Size: 13'0" × 18'10" (396 × 574 cm)
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