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Antique Hamadan runner

Antique Hamadan runner BB3839

Price: $12,000

An early 20th century West Persian Hamadan antique red carpet runner, the abrashed red field with rows of unusual geometric floral and vine motifs around a series of linked blue and brown medallions with geometric motifs within blue, ivory and brown borders with geometric floral motifs.

Antique Hamadan rugs were created with thick wool with coarse weaving. One cotton weft served the entire rug. Overall, the construction results in a rug that may be rough in texture, but high in quality. The coloring of these persian rugs runner includes deep blue, deep red, off-white, and soft neutral tones. The colors consist of natural vegetable dyes. Most of the designs in antique Hamadan rugs are geometric, mostly angular however, some rugs for sale feature curvilinear designs and arabesques. Another interesting aspect that may indicate the cultural influence of refugees includes the knotting used in the weaving. Turkish knots, which are symmetrical, are used in antique Hamdan rugs. Even though created in Persia, Turkish ethnic groups are part of the weavers who created the antique carpets.

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