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Antique Persian Camel Hair Runner BB7147 3'8" × 7'8" $15,000

An early 20th century antique Persian camel hair rug runners, the striated camel field with abstract figural and floral motifs around a column of three serrated edge medallions containing geometric flower heads radiating angular floral vines within a camel border with sparse flower heads.

At Doris Leslie Blau, we approach the subject of carpets in NYC with passion and devotion as we all are under the spellbinding influence of masterful, hand-woven floor coverings from the East. Bearing this deep love for eternal beauty in our hearts, we are dedicated to spreading the knowledge about magnificent antique oriental rugs in order to make people appreciate, but most importantly – understand – all complexities and stories woven into an intertwining warp and weft of each awe-inspiring Persian rug.


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Price: $15,000

Item No.: BB7147 Circa: 1900 Size: 3'8" × 7'8" (111 × 233 cm)
Style: , Origin: Persia