Vintage Moroccan Rug BB4556

Vintage Moroccan Rug Description:

A second quarter 20th century Moroccan rug, the beni quarain carpet, the oatmeal field with a lattice of solid black hooked motif lozenges within a black border with a delicate oatmeal zigzag line.

Although today we use Moroccan rugs for sale to bring tactile comfort and aesthetic appeal to interiors, their original purpose was warmth and insulation. The Morrocan Rugs of the Atlas Mountains were hand-woven using the sheep’s wool provided by nomadic herds. And the antique rugs nyc provided thick bedding, crucial for the inhospitable climate, for the nomadic people. The cream and neutral colors common to Moroccan Vintage oriental rugs sold en mass today harken back to a time when dyes and colors were by no means a priority.

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