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Vintage North Indian Rug (size adjusted)

Vintage North Indian Rug (size adjusted) BB1112

Price: $88,000

An early 20th century antique dianthus indian carpet, the abrashed chocolate field with swirling flowering vines framing rows of ice blue cartouches within a dusty red ochre angular leafy vine border.

Unlike antique Agra carpets manufactured in the prisons of India, antique North Indian rugs were products of a cottage industry controlled by families of carpet weavers. With a knotted pile of the softest pashmina wool, the antique North Indian carpets originated and perfected by these weaving families, have to this day, rarely been equaled. One of the common patterns of vintage Indian rugs for sale are naturalistic floral designs – this feature is typical for carpets woven in the time of Jahangir’s reign. Millefleurs motif can also be found on Indian carpets. Indian antique area rugs are known to be intricately woven, one can notice that their soft wool and silk warps change the colors across the width of the carpet giving the impression of the rainbow bands. The field is often covered by a myriad of fine flowerheads connected by fine vinework. Antique Indian rugs were widely recognized for their outstanding craftsmanship and today they are still considered to be first-class quality.

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Item No.: BB1112 Circa: 1900 Size: 10'3" × 20'4" (312 × 619 cm)Categories: , ,