Vintage Indian Cotton Agra Rug BB1344

Vintage Indian Cotton Agra Rug Description:

An early 20th century indian rug patterns, the abrashed beige field with a lattice of stepped floral lozenges within a narrow beige geometric border between floral meander stripes.

Although distinguished by captivating history and indisputably mesmerizing appearance, antique Agra rugs are hard to tell apart from other examples of fine Indian weaving. In fact, these fascinating floor coverings are even difficult to classify as they vary considerably is terms of size, design and composition. Nonetheless, some of the most impressive and breathtaking examples of paramount craftsmanship has been seen on antique rugs for sale. In general, antique Agra carpets in NYC most often exhibit open fields with minor medallions and spandrels, surrounded by tasteful floral borders. 

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