Antique Indian Carpet BB4494

Antique Indian Carpet Description:

A mid 20th century Indian carpet with an overall lozenge lattice of alternating rows of cocoa and caramel lozenges containing floral motifs within a beige flowerhead and blue vine trellis border.

The production of antique indian style rugs and carpets in any quantity dates from the Mughal period of the late 1520's. Beginning with the conquest of Northern India by Babur, weaving workshops developed around the imperial cities of Agra, Fathpur and Lahore. Akbar the Great (1556-1605) and his successors sponsored and encouraged the weaving of splendid Indian versions of classic Persian floral, garden and hunting north indian rugs and antique carpets. As an eminent patron of the arts, Jahangir (reigning from 1605-1628), possessed a deep love for the beauty of nature, influencing the artists of his court. 

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