Antique Indian Amritsar Carpet BB2234

Antique Indian Amritsar Carpet Description:

An early 20th century North Indian Amritsar antique rug, the abrashed pale peach field with an unusual overall stepped lozenge design with abstract floral motifs within a palmette border.

The city of Amritsar, situated in Northwestern India, became a center of indian rug patterns and carpet weaving in the nineteenth century when the Maharaja Ranjit Singh annexed Kashmir, the flourishing shawl-weaving center. The rise of the British supremacy in the 1850s, along with the Crystal Palace Exhibit in London, captured the attention of the public and sparked the dramatic development of amritsar carpet production in Amritsar. Under the influence of European rug importers, the establishment of looms and the availability of fine quality wool from sheep raised in nearby mountains and valleys, the rug for sale weavers of Amritsar adapted their traditional carpet designs to correspond with western tastes and European demand.

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