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Antique Indian Agra Rug BB2475


This Indian Agra rug features a monochromatic, earth tone gold colored open field. There are no corner brackets in this design. The central medallion is a staggered display of angular floral designs, patterns and insignia. These medallion patterns repeat in multitude rows through the length of the tapestry. The relatively thinner guard and outer border feature a simple palmette stamp design. The main border features a double row of floral pattern set against a golden brown hue background. This is a grand, vintage floral rug. The weaving of antique handmade carpets and rugs, especially woven rugs from India during British colonial rule, reignited and revitalized the oriental rugs and carpet market of the time. Most contemporary high quality rugs may never find qualitative parity with their vintage oriental rug counterparts.

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Item No.: BB2475 Size: 12'0" × 14'0" (365 × 426 cm)
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