Vintage Spanish Carpet BB4303

Vintage Spanish Carpet Description:

An early 20th century Spanish rug, the golden yellow field with scrolling sand vinery and with forest green accents overall within a thin forest green border with a wavy line.

Retaining the idiosyncratic structure of the Spanish knot, early Hispano-Moresque rug for sale weavers employed the method of a single-warp knot in their carpets. The original bright red and blue colorations of these antique Spanish vintage area rugs have faded over time into the muted gold and blue tones now associated with antique Spanish carpets. Neoclassical and Turkish influenced pieces were made in the workshops of Quenca. In 1712 Charles III founded the Real Fabrica de Tapices Manufactory in Madrid and produced European style antique carpets to compete with the sophisticated French workshops of Aubusson and Savonnerie.

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