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Antique Needlework Carpet

Antique Needlework Carpet BB4133

Price: $25,000

A late 19th century needlework carpet the sky blue field with a dense lattice overall formed of red leafy roundels containing lush floral bouquets or geometric ivory flowerheads within a thin black border with a leafy red vine.

Chinese reproductions of French and English patterns and European rugs first crafted in the 1920s and revived again in the 1980s, often rival their rare antecedents in quality and authenticity of pattern and coloration. Moreover, new contemporary and transitional patterns have emerged, ensuring the longevity of the needlepoint art form.

A specialist rug dealer in oriental and western antique rugs for sale and carpets, Doris Leslie Blau’s impressive collection of antique rugs include rare Turkish, Persian and Indian masterpieces, many of which date back to the Medieval Age. Some of these rugs are so rare that no more than a few exist in the entire world.

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Item No.: BB4133 Circa: 1880 Size: 10'5" × 14'1" (317 × 429 cm)Categories: , ,