Vintage Chinese Art Deco Carpet BB4169

Vintage Chinese Art Deco Carpet Description:

A whimsical second quarter 20th century Chinese red carpet, the deep red field with dramatic leafy vines and lotus flowers overall within a frame dominated by multi-colored disparate corner motifs including disparate vases, flowers, vines and a dragon.

Chinese Deco vintage rugs tend to be more floral than geometric and they showcase an exceptional diversity. An intriguing twist to Chinese wool vintage rugs can be attributed to the Asian influence, absent in the vintage carpets produced in the West. Here, particular attention should be paid to the brave, imaginative use of colors and the traditional Eastern motifs such as bamboos, lotus flowers, Chinese calligraphy or the iconic phoenix and dragon figures. Although these far-oriental patterns are sometimes present as a subtle touch, Chinese Deco antique oriental rugs should not be confused with antique Chinese rugs for sale.

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