Bessarabian rugs and carpets are the commonly given name for rugs in pile and tapestry technique originating in Russian provinces as well as Ukraine and Moldova during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This antique Eastern-European rug is a fine example of Bessarabian craftsmanship. As characteristic of carpets from that particular region, its background is executed in an extremely dark brown shade, bordering on black, which proudly carries the beige and crimson pattern. The design is also permeated with eastern aesthetics and incorporates stylized botanical motifs that form an allover decorative trellis in the main field. The border is kept in the spirit of the main design with further ornamental foliage, vines and leaf-like medallions. The antique rug has survived until this day in excellent condition due to the meticulous hand-making of the finest wool – if properly maintained, it will most certainly serve its owners for generations without any signs of blemish. Such palatial elegance and remarkable quality in the impressive dimension will certainly never go unnoticed in any kind of interior. The antique Bessarabian rug will marvelously fill all ample spaces or work as an wall-to-wall area rug in slightly smaller rooms. It is an ideal addition to a wide variety of contemporary décors that has a chance to invite in the never-passing charm of Eastern-European art. 

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Antique Bessarabian Rug
Item No. BB6475
Circa: 1880

Price: $ 60,000
Size: 13'6" × 19'9" (411 × 602 cm)
Color palette:
 Antique Bessarabian  Rug BB6475