Bessarabian Antique Rug BB6135

Bessarabian Antique Rug Description:

This old and venerable piece of weaving art comes from Europe’s most eastern frontier, the faraway Bessarabia. While the majority of Persian antique oriental rugs for sale can be assigned to a specific region on the basis of their weave and predominating motifs, this is not the case with Bessarabian carpets which are only classified as rural or urban. The one before your eyes was thoroughly hand-crafted of the finest wool in centuries-long weaving techniques by a skilled artisan to cater for the needs of the urban market. However, its form and style is deeply embedded in Bessarabian folklore and builds upon traditional rural design. First of all, we have the color palette which comprises of toned, dusty shades of brick red, forest green, pale moss and pink with delicate brown background. Black or brown setting is almost always interchangeably used in Bessarabian creations and imbues them with the unique, autumnal character. Moreover, this elegant european carpet captures the most famous eastern patterns, such as stylized leafs and garden flowers. Here the leafs occupy the main field whereas the main border enchants us with the opulent wreath of greenery intertwined with delicate flower heads. The entire composition is distinguished by a remarkable quality which enabled it to survive from the 19th to the 21st century without any signs of damage. Surely, this marvelous Bessarabian rug is not only a precious antique representing historical value but most importantly, a timeless and elegant utilitarian object that will perfectly match a wide variety of interior decors.

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