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Indian Antique Rug

Indian Antique Rug BB6263

Price: $120,000

An early 20th century antique Indian rug, Circa: 1920, Origin: India. This extraordinary north indian rug is undoubtedly a masterpiece of a skillful weaver. Its high knot density, characteristic for Indian handicraft, is a proof of its astonishing quality and great care with which it was made. Weaved circa 1920, the antique rug enraptures with is dainty pattern.

Thanks to carpet’s impressive size, the craftsman was able to incorporate two different designs, which combine together gracefully. The inner part consists of small but densely-placed flowers, brought together in elegant bouquets, surrounded by richly ornamented double frame with similar floral design. Outer part reminds of wild vines, climbing up the antique wall – luscious flowers, accompanied by shapely leafs, bloom before our eyes in almost life-like display. Rich brown color combines perfectly with a black shade of the pattern, stylish yet toned. Delicate and luxurious, this Indian area rug will charm even the most demanding connoisseurs.

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Item No.: BB6263 Circa: 1920 Size: 11'9" × 25'5" (358 × 774 cm)
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