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Antique Persian Tabriz Rug BB7035 15'1" × 21'0" $95,000

Tabriz rugs are perhaps the most famous of all Persian carpets. Due to the fact that the renowned weaving center is one of the oldest in the world, the range of its designs is truly awe-inspiring and workmanship – refined. This antique Persian rug is an example of the most classy and enchanting Tabriz weavings, comparable to specimens coming from exquisite Royal weaving manufactories.

The main field carries an allover pattern of connecting vines, palmettes and florals with the central opulent medallion, surrounded by cartouches and spandrels. There is a surprise and reward for every attentive looker – detailed and graceful bird motifs are hiding in the thicket. Cross symbols appearing here and there in the lush pattern are believed to provide protection against the Evil Eye. Everything, embraced by a series of borders kept in the spirit of the main design, forms a truly magnificent composition. The final touch is the gentle color palette of soft beiges with touches of black and blue.

In addition to its palatial appearance, the carpet can boast of impeccable workmanship. Thoroughly hand-knotted of the finest materials in accordance with centuries-old techniques, it has managed to survive until this day without any signs of wear. If maintained properly, this Oriental rug is going to withstand years of usage, bringing in the recherché charm of Persian artistry.


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Price: $95,000

Item No.: BB7035 Circa: 1920 Size: 15'1" × 21'0" (459 × 640 cm)
Style: Color: Beige, Black, Brown