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Persian Tabriz Antique Rug
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Persian Tabriz Antique Rug BB6106 10'9" × 18'3" $75,000

Gracious lines, mesmerizing designs, profound hues, tight knots, smooth piles – the list of Persian rugs’ merits may go on indefinitely but words will never capture the true essence of this exceptional craftsmanship. It takes a touch, a look and a feel to understand the magic enclosed within the intertwining warp and weft.

The magnificent antique rug before your eyes comes from the iconic Tabriz weaving center and embodies the very excellence of tabriz Persian rugs. As befits a piece coming from the renowned place, this one was thoroughly hand-knotted of the finest wool in accordance with old and refined weaving techniques by a skilled artisan. The upmost quality of execution is clearly visible in the sheen and soft pile, intricate design and firm body of the Persian carpet. Some areas of the pile exhibit slight abrasion – the factor which means the threads were dyed with tints of natural origin.

The rug’s royal gold field is embellished with an allover trellis of stylized palmettes, flowering vinery and crimson split-leaf tendrils, which gracefully create a dense flowery thicket. This blooming richness is surrounded by multiple borders proudly bearing millefleur, Shah Abbas motifs and serrated leaves. The main border stands out thanks to the deep sapphire hue of its background which beautifully corresponds with the gold and the crimson. This palatial composition, due to its timeless beauty, will easily fit into contemporary interior arrangements and please the eyes and feet of its lucky owners for generations without any signs of wear.


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Price: $75,000

Item No.: BB6106 Circa: 1920 Size: 10'9" × 18'3" (327 × 556 cm)
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