Antique Persian Tabriz BB6473

Antique Persian Tabriz Description:

Opulent and imperial, this antique Persian rug is a flagship example of the incredible Tabriz craftsmanship. The weaving center of Tabriz was created many centuries ago – it is one of the longest existing places where antique area rugs are woven in accordance with centuries-old Persian traditions. It clearly shows in the mesmerizing design and the outstanding quality of this antique Persian Tabriz rug.

The large main field carries an allover botanical pattern containing millefleur, paisleys and palmettes, as well as important oriental symbols like cypresses in the four corners of the field, or the elusive tree of life motifs. Both cypresses and trees of life are connected with the subject of the afterlife – a cypress tree is associated with funerals, whereas the tree of life represents hope for eternal life after death. The composition is enclosed within a series of equally compelling borders, kept in the spirit of the main design with further flower-heads and flowering climbers, adding even more glamor to the already splendid antique Persian creation. The color palette is delicate and appealing and relies on soft tones of beige and camel, complemented and enlivened by indigo and dark brown.

This abundance of beauty was made by hand in traditional techniques of the finest wool which ensured its pleasurable and sheen texture, as well as remarkable quality. If properly maintained, the antique Persian Tabriz rug will serve its owners for generation without the slightest signs of blemish, just as it has survived until this day, bringing in the glory and never-passing elegance of Oriental rug art.

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