Antique Persian Tabriz Carpet

Antique Persian Tabriz Carpet Description:

Persian Tabriz rugs like this are uniquely identifiable by the region specific and tribal identifiable designs, patterns and characters displayed on the weave. This weaving technique is very indicative of various Persian carpet styles. The central medallion motif that overlays this rug field is a visually engaging, arabesque theme of interlaced garden and animal designs. The cartouche-inspired guard border encompassing the central medallion motif has calligraphy style writing repeating within its sunburst yellow borders. The rust tinged, red-orange chroma scheme backdrop of the field is covered in minute detail by various abstract, curvilinear and interlaced animal and floral patterns. The main border features geometrically interlacing floral and animal patterns against a backdrop color hue of celadon green. Spindly, curvilinear, rust red branch designs twist and turn throughout the main border frame.


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